Frēquently Asked Questions 

Do you require exlusivity?

No, although we will attempt to purchse exclusive rights for certain films.

How do you monetize the films you host?

We attach ads through Google Ad Sense on our YouTube channel. The subscription service is monetized through monthly fees.

I was invited...How did you hear about my film?

We partner with film festivals, follow online influencers like Film Threat, Film Riot and Screen Anarchy as well as just searching online for films or trailers that seem like a good fit.

Do you pay a license fee?

Yes and no. If your project is already online, probably not (unless you are willing to remove it). It all depends on how badly we want your film and how much value we see in hosting it on our platform. Filmmakers who are not online and sign exclusively with us have received anywhere from $250 to $10,000.

Do I need to own the music rights in my film?

Yes, and we can help with those costs.

If I put my film on WēVē, do you retain any rights?

No, we are a partner to help you get exposure and some cash. We do not purchase films and we do not retain any rights beyond the license term whatsoever. Furthermore, unless we've paid you for exclusive rights, you can take your film down whenever you want.

How do filmmakers get paid?

Google Ad Sense gives us a breakdown of each films performance and payout. We share this with you and take the net total and divide it in half and send you a check. This occurs 2 times a year. The subscription model revenue gets allocated based on viewcount. I.e., There 10k to divide between 10 films. Your film received 90% of the views, therefore you would receive 90% of the 10K.

Where would my film be hosted?

We have a YouTube Channel and Subscription pay-wall. It's up to you where we put your film.

Is this a YouTube page or a Subscription Service?

It is both. We leak out select films (with filmmakers permission) from our library on our YouTube page twice a week to create awarness of our platform.

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